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Wouldn’t we all love to have our own personal hair stylist, along with all their secret products, at home with us everyday while we’re getting ready? How about having Julia Roberts’ and Sarah Jessica Parker’s personal hairstylist at your beckon call?  Serge Normant, legendary hairstylist to the stars, is making all of our hair care dreams come true with the launch of his revolutionary hair care product line, Meta.  Including the basics such as sulfate-free shampoo, UV protection hair spray and hair repair treatment, the line also incorporates salon-quality products to reinforce the creation of Serge’s signature glamorous hair with a dry shampoo, sculpting pomade and lush volumizer. We got up-close and personal with the renowned hair guru to talk about growing up in Paris, his favorite decade for hair inspiration and the science behind his innovative product line.

Izabella de Souza:  What made you decide to finally create your own brand of hair care products?

Serge Normant:  I had been thinking of creating my own product line for a long time.  I always loved products and the help they provide to achieve wonders! As a start up line, it was important for me to come up with the essentials that I always use on photo shoots or in my salons; easy to use products.  Dividing the line between hair care and hair styling was important to me.  Healthy hair is glamorous hair. People often ask me how long it takes and how hard is it to do certain hairstyles; the truth is that using the right products and the right amount is the first step and maybe the most important.  Knowing you can count on a product to achieve these hairstyles that you’ve always dreamed of is a great comfort.  I want the line to help women feel that they can also get creative and inspired.

I.D.:  Tell us about the beginning of your career. Did you always know you wanted to be a hair stylist to the stars?

S.N.:  I always knew I wanted to do hair.  I was so intrigued as a child by the constant changes of a woman’s hair, the shape of up do’s or haircuts, especially growing up in the sixties.  It was an amazing time of change and innovation that continues to inspire me today.  I started as an apprentice in a salon in the Paris suburb where I grew up.  I was exposed to everything from hair cutting to coloring.  The owner, Gilles Courtois, put his trust in me very quickly and helped me grow in my confidence.  Eventually, I presented myself at the headquarters of Jacques Dessange who’s art director, Bruno Pittini, I had admired for a long time.  I worked for a couple of years in one of the franchises, and then I got a position as a teacher at Bruno’s hair school, while simultaneously doing photo shoots for French Elle.  Later on, I put together a portfolio and got a visa to work at Bruno’s New York salon.  What an incredible time!  Bruno was an amazing visionary and a mentor.  From there I started freelancing in New York where I was very lucky to meet incredible and inspiring people. As far as being a “stylist to the stars,” I always feel that when the term is added to my name, the writer might be talking about someone else.  I never dreamed of meeting such unbelievable women.  With that said, this is not something I ever planned and for myself.  I only look at women individually, with the same care and dedication regardless of what they do for a living.  The only thing that differs is the situation.

I.D.:  Meta meaning “beyond” in Greek is the foundation of the name for your product line. Why did you choose to use Meta in all of your products’ names?

S.N.:  The word Meta made a lot of sense for me for a few reasons.  The name of my second coffee table book is Metamorphosis.  I love that word as it symbolizes the essence of why I love doing hair; so using a shorter part of that word made a lot of sense.  Realizing that the word Meta also meant “beyond” in ancient Greek, it became more obvious to use that name since “beyond” is a word I use very often when I work!

I.D.:  You say that hair is an extension of skin, and therefore you worked with skincare chemists to formulate your line. The idea is revolutionary. What will this revolutionary engineering provide for your customers?

S.N.:  I have always felt that hair is an extension of the skin.  The scalp is very important; its health is essential to good hair.  Working with a skincare lab put me at ease knowing they would put their expertise in formulating the best hair product that would not only perform, but also be complimentary to the skin.

I.D.:  The core element of your products is a vegetable-derived hair strengthening complex called KERAVIS™. Can you explain the technology behind this innovative component?

S.N.:  KERAVIS™ is a powerful hair strengthening complex that dramatically improves the condition of damaged hair.  Its unique composition penetrates the cortex and moisturizes from within, as well as forming a film on each hair shaft that lubricates and reinforces the cuticle.  These properties not only strengthen, but help to reduce the degree of damage hair sustains from chemical treatments, environmental stresses or styling practices.

I.D.:  Many of the natural ingredients found in your products including Moroccan Lava Clay and Pine Bark Extract, are elements you discovered on your travels around the world. You also chose to incorporate scents that are personal to you including musk, jasmine and rose. What makes these ingredients so personal to you?

S.N.:  It was very important for me to find the greatest ingredients that also are a memory for me of what I felt had helped women all around the world take care and enhance their hair for a long time.  I travel extensively and the scent of spices in markets and gardens always transport me back to each of the destinations I have visited.  It was crucial for me to find a fragrance that was soothing and sensual, but somewhat discreet at the same time so that I can continue to identify with each place it reminds me of.  These memories make me feel good and relax me; I want people to feel that sensation when they use my products.

I.D.:  In the past few years, dry shampoos have become more popular than ever. Why did you feel it was important to provide your customers with a dry shampoo?

S.N.:  I have used dry shampoos throughout my career.  I frequently mix it with other products to create great texture and also at the end of the day on a photo shoot when I want to refresh the hair.  It’s also an amazing product to add instant volume and thicken the root, even on freshly washed hair.  It’s also ideal if your hair feels limp when trying to do a bun; the texture will facilitate it to stay in place.  I couldn’t imagine launching my line without it.

I.D.:  What are some of your favorite hairstyles to create?

S.N.:  I have a lot of favorites and I don’t like restricting them to a few.  I love so many different hair types and hair cuts and the ever evolving shapes that hair can take day after day.  I am known for a certain volume, inspired by the sixties era, so of course sculptural shapes and glamour is appealing to me, but I love individuality.  Hair is an amazing accessory and the possibilities of change and expression through hair are endless.

Izabella De Souza, E-Commerce Copywriter

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