Finn is a collection of jewelry that any woman would appreciate. Featuring nautical, angelic and adorable creations enveloped in gold and beautiful gemstones, their jewelry celebrates everything that little girls (and grown up women who are still young at heart) love about being a child. Creators Candice Pool and Soraya Silchenstedt put their touch on all things glittered, and give women timeless pieces with chic elegance and, of course, style. Check out what Soraya thinks about diamonds still being a girl’s best friend and the world of Finn!

J.J. Much of your jewelry as a whimsy feel to it. Do you find inspiration from your childhood when thinking up your creations?
S.S. Of course, much of my inspiration is from my childhood.  For example, the first time I made the Love Knot Ring was when I was in third grade for a school project. Also, the Magic Wand Necklace is inspired by a toy glass wand I had as a little girl – it was filled with water, glitter and confetti.

Finn Black Diamond Love Knot Ring

Black Diamond Love Knot Ring

Finn Magic Wand Necklace

Magic Wand Necklace

J.J. The handmade movement is garnering attention in that consumers are becoming more inclined to shop handmade and support independent artisans. What was your experience?
S.S. It has always been important to me that while the jewelry is all handmade in New York, that Finn stays true to its refined quality.

J.J. Finn’s jewelry features classic shapes with an upscale, timeless feel… like the knot ring, but elevated to the next level by sapphires and diamonds. How to do you breathe new life into celebrated shapes and objects?
S.S. My favorite part of the process is turning simple objects into treasures.  For instance, taking a rabbit in honor of the 2011 Chinese New Year and covering the cotton tail with pave diamonds.

Finn Diamond Cotton Tail Rabbit Necklace

Diamond Cotton Tail Rabbit Necklace

J.J. It’s sometimes thought that jewelry has to be bold and big to make a statement. Do you agree?
S.S. Finn is personal and delicate jewelry, but its impact is bold.

J.J. Are diamonds still a girl’s best friend?
S.S. “Ask me that question a little later…” – True Romance

J.J. What should every woman have in her jewelry collection?
S.S. Something with personal significance.

J.J. Walk us through the fabrication of a piece. Do you start with sketches, then molds… How does a piece actually become created?
S.S. The process of creating the newest line of letter charm necklaces:

Finn Letters Sketch

Finn Pave Diamond Letters Necklace

J.J. Are there specific metals and gems that you favor over others?
S.S. Diamonds are a girls best friend!

J.J. What type of woman wears Finn?
S.S. We have found through experience that there truly is something in the collection for everyone.

J.J. What’s at the top of your holiday wish list?



Finn Black Diamond Angel Wings Earrings

Black Diamond Angel Wings Earrings


– Jennifer Jeffery, E-Commerce Copywriter

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