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Jamie Swan in Black Swan

Ever since I first read a synopsis and heard Darren Aronosfsky was directing, I have been so excited for the Black Swan to come out. But recently, I heard the coolest news about the film yet- one of our amazing jewelers is dancing in it!

It turns out, before she became one of Barneys’ favorite jewelers, Jamie Wolf (pictured above) spent 10 years as a professional dancer for the New York City Ballet. Four years ago, she left the ballet to focus on her gorgeous jewelry collection, but when she was asked to perform as a dancer in the Black Swan, she jumped at the chance. Jamie said working on the film was an incredible experience, and that she loved having the opportunity to perform with her fellow dancers again. If that wasn’t enough, it seems Jamie has even found some new fans after her time on set – both of the film’s stars, Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, have been seen wearing Jamie Wolf pieces, like the Bisou Ring and her white moonstone Aladdin earrings, while promoting the movie!

I caught up with Jamie just after she attended the Black Swan’s premiere, and while she (admittedly) might be a bit biased, she said the film is amazing! I can’t wait to go see it.*

*Fun fashion note: Jamie’s also raving about the amazing work that Rodarte did on designing the ballet costumes for the film. Apparently, the designers even spent a lot of time on set during the performances!

*Slightly embarrassing personal note: I admitted to Jamie that my current favorite ballet film is the classic guilty pleasure Center Stage, which I have seen an inexcusable number of times – turns out she danced in that, too!

Jamie Wolf is now back in jewelry-mode and off to preview her beautiful new collection at Barneys. Catch her trunk shows:

Beverly Hills
9570 Wilshire Boulevard Beverly Hills CA 90212
December 4-9

660 Madison Avenue New York NY 10065
December 11

Madison Avenue
660 Madison Avenue New York NY 10065
December 17-18

For further information, visit our events page.

– Lauren Painter, Jewelry Buyer

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