Koh Gen Uh-Oh

Our new cosmetic line at Barneys, Koh Gen Do, is gentle enough for every day use but high-impact enough for Hollywood. Makeup artists on Parks And Recreation, Entourage, Mad Men (my favorite!) and True Blood regularly use Koh Gen Do. The creator, Diane Nakauchi, told us a funny story about Kerry Herta, a makeup artist who assists her (pictured below), and an anonymous actress. I am paraphrasing:

In the makeup room of a popular TV show, an actress requested a face mask after finishing her scenes for the day. Kerry told her, “Wash your makeup off and I’ll be right there.” While the actress was washing, she exclaimed, “Wow, this cleanser is amazing – my skin is so squeaky clean! I can see my reflection in it!” Kerry turned to the actress who was holding up a small white bottle. Long story short, she washed her face with Koh Gen Do’s Sponge Cleaner.

Ko Gen Do Kerry Huerta

While never to be recommended, it is a testament to just how gentle this product is!

– Nikki Martinez – Assistant Buyer, Cosmetics

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