Earth + Air = Eairth

Eairth by Melissa Dizon

Every now and then I come across a beautiful story that supports an awesome collection, and I get excited. I remember coming across a lookbook last season and felt a curiosity towards the images. I invited the designer in and immediately fell for the colors I saw.

Allow me to introduce Eairth – a collection made in the Philippines. Designer Melissa Dizon has bridged her urban street aesthetic and her fascination with her Filipino culture. Melissa collaborates with various indigenous tribes – they harvest the natural materials she uses to dye her fabrics. (Her sense of color is right on!) I asked Melissa how she came about working with indigenous tribes:

“I really fell in love with the idea of having a process where we are able to integrate the now, the modern with the primitive. When I first moved back home about three years ago, I stumbled over one of the Maranao tribal villages during a hike, so unexpected. Then I saw how they lived, simple really simple. Chewing beetle nut, working the land for their food, small/low grass huts. This was the turning point of my new life. From that moment on, I was so taken and inspired by the purity of it all. It seemed that my process always led me back to the indigenous. When I began to do research into how to dye in the way that we do, I realized that I would need to have access to various regions of the Philippines for the jungle materials like fallen wood/barks, roots, leaves. So what best but to help out both the tribes and also small communities that can harvest.”

Tomoko Ogura, Fashion Director -Women’s Co-op


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    Ok the Blondie outfit was a bit much Barneys but the boots were fab!

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    Valerie Hoffman wore this outfit when she was on the Today Show-she looked GORGEOUS as usual…

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    Thank you for this post! Valerie and Dave Hoffman are doing a wonderful dedication event for the animal abuse society they generously support and are going to contact these terrific sponsors-your blog is delightful!

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