Waxing Nostalgic With Wayne Lee

Wayne Lee

One of our talented Co-op designers and old buying office alumnus, Wayne Lee, is designing an exclusive dress to help us celebrate the Co-op’s 25th birthday! We had a chance to hang out and kick back with her recently.

Andrea Tocco-La Vine: It’s 1985, Barneys Co-op has just opened; what would the 1985 version of you have bought?
Wayne Lee: I would have bought a nice pair of black designer pumps, a black leather jacket, and a suede clutch.

ATL: Tell us what the Barneys customer will love most about your exclusive Co-op piece.
WL: They will love the style, the comfort, quality and the affordability.

ATL: Any birthday wishes for Barneys Co-op you’d like to share?
WL: Blow them away!

Andrea Tocco-La Vine, Buyer, Women’s Co-op RTW

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