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Mark your calendars for Fashion’s Night Out on September 10th! One of our many great events is the debut of the Kouklitas dolls. This collection of fashion dolls is inspired by our favorite fashion icons and fall fashion looks. Each doll measures 27 inches in height, is meticulously hand-made, and has a unique, hand-painted face! It is the first time we have ever sold dolls at Barneys! Better yet, we had Andrew Yang, the artist behind these fabulous and haunting creations, make one-of-a-kind dolls inspired by Vogue’s very own Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington, which will be signed and auctioned on Charity Buzz, with the proceeds benefiting the NYC Aids Fund. The dolls will be on display at the Madison store during Fashion’s Night Out, so make sure you come by and check them out – they are unbelievable!

Kouklitas Dolls

The Grace and Anna dolls, currently up for auction at, with proceeds benefiting NYC Aids Fund.

After hours and hours of doll-making, Andrew still somehow had the energy to speak with me… and I got to know his playful side.

Sarah Yoon: How did you fall into doll making as a career?
Andrew Yang: I was working as an assistant fashion designer, and even though I had a lot of creative freedom on the job, and was working at the top end of luxury, I wasn’t happy. Growing up, I spent a lot of time painting, sculpting and sewing – and I missed working with my hands. I created my first doll on the job to answer that need, and the reaction to her was incredible. One day, I went on a casting (also doing a bit of freelance modeling- anything to pay the bills!) and had a few dolls with me. The photographer, Terry Tsiolis, saw them and loved them, and sent some pictures to Elissa Santisi of Vogue, who showed them to Anna, who showed them to Julie Gilhart, Barneys’ Fashion Director, and here we are! It’s mind blowing how everything evolved so quickly!

Doll Parts

Dolls during various stages of production.

SY: What was your favorite doll or toy growing up?
AY: I played with everything – Cabbage Patch Kids, Barbies, My Little Pony. My favorite Cabbage Patch Kid was one of the “water babies”; you could take her in the bath and brush her hair. My favorite Barbie was rechristened Bianca. She was a blonde, bubble-cut vintage reproduction. Don’t even think of asking about my favorite pony.

Inspiration Board

An inspiration board for the Barneys dolls.

SY: Five people you would invite to a doll tea party?
AY: Demi Moore and Drew Carey, because I know they’re both doll collectors and it would be hilarious. And then it would probably have to be Grace Coddington to make it look gorgeous, and then Malia and Sasha Obama, because then we’d all actually get to do some serious doll playing!

Andrew's Studio

Andrew Yang's studio.

SY: Favorite scary doll movie?
AY: The scene in Barbarella is one of my favorites, when the space dolls are all attacking Jane Fonda while she is helplessly tied up. But really, I don’t know if it’s been made yet. Maybe a future project?

For more info on Andrew and his Kouklitas dolls check out or Or better yet, come on by to our Madison store on September 10th and see them for yourself! Who knows who you might see there…

Sarah Yoon, Fashion Merchandising Assistant

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    I wouldn’t be surprised if PETA is the highest bidder!

    PETA is already spreading the word about the Wintour “Voodoo” doll. So are Pins this season’s hottest acccessories?!

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