This “”Snakes and Ladders” scarf  is one of my favorites yet from Swash! This season’s theme from the Swash team of Sarah Swash and Toshio Yamanaka is about games and toys. As always, each print features the couple’s whippet Candy and her imaginary adventures. Sarah and Toshio draw and paint each design, then print them onto oversized silk scarves.

This drawing:

Swash Curiosity Snakes and Ladders Scarf

Becomes this scarf:

Swash Snakes & Ladders Scarf


And stay tuned for the  September delivery of  a special scarf that Swash has designed exclusively for Barneys to celebrate the 25th birthday of our Co-op!

Carrie Chapman – Senior Buyer, Women’s Co-op Accessories


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    whats the price range?

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    oh oops, i see the link

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