London is always the last stop of a buying trip. We met with author, antique jewelry expert and huge friend, Olivia Collings. This July, some of the pieces we saw were amazing, strangely historical. Here’s a peek.

This fat gold hand engraved Georgian cuff (circa 1840) opens up to a picture of someone important. His miniature is big and he looks from the scarf he wears like someone artistic. (He reminds me of a young James Whistler, but the dates are a bit off?)

This pale flat rock crystal cross is pink foiled, set in silver, probably Portuguese, from 1790, about five inches tall and absolutely amazing. We have never seen anything like it.

The diamond and purple glass ring is 1820 and may have been a belt buckle. Someone probably made it into a ring a bit later in the century. It easily covers two knuckles. As Olivia noted, if her belt buckle was rose cut diamonds, imagine her jewelry!

The tiny portrait ring is the Stuart king, Charles 1st and was made as a badge of loyalty for a supporter upon this execution in 1649. This is very rare.

We are usually dumbstruck by how beautiful and intelligent the workmanship is in the jewelry we buy. These pieces made us even more aware that this jewelry belonged to a very select and aristocratic few. Amazing.

– Christine Morris, Fine Jewelry Buyer

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