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Le Labo Rose 31

I often get asked what perfume I’m wearing.  More often then not, I get a confused look when I share the name of the fragrances as they’re usually exclusive to Barneys.  Not everyone has heard of Frederic Malle, or Le Labo, or Byredo…but without fail, these fragrances turn heads.

Case in point, this past weekend I wore Le Labo’s, Rose 31 – the brand’s award winning best seller, and one of my personal favorites.  I went with some friends to watch the Argentina – Germany World Cup match at a local bar.  Note to reader:  if you’re looking for feedback on a new fragrance, go to a packed bar on the day of a highly televised and long anticipated sporting event.  The bouncer, the guy standing next to me at the bar, the girl in the bathroom, the bartender, everyone was asking me what I was wearing – I even got a date out of the whole experience.  Maybe it was the scents combination of spices, musk and rose that caused all the attraction, or the fact that it’s marketed towards men (hint-hint ladies – wearing men’s fragrances is one of the secrets of any femme fatale) or maybe it was just the abundance of cold Corona Lights….regardless, this sexy fragrance hasn’t failed me yet.

I wonder what I’ll wear this Sunday at the finals.  Do I go with Byredo’s intoxicating scent, Bal d’Afrique as it’s inspired by the continent where the game is being played? Or maybe, Yosh’s U4EAHH!! for the sole reason that Yosh told me herself that wearing it is like wearing a lucky charm.  In any case, I hope I’ll get the same reactions – and hopefully another date.  Vamos, vamos Espana!

Denise Capozzalo, Associate Buyer – Women’s and Men’s Fragrances; Men’s Treatment/Grooming


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    Another fabulous fragrance from Barneys’ Frederic Malle line: En Passant by Olivia Giacobetti. From the authentic scent of lilac to a hint of cucumber to a suggestion of freshly baked bread, it’s one of my summer favorites.

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    This sounds really good! I want to purchase Rose 31 now!

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