Holy Aliens!!

Fragrances by UNDERCOVERMy very first buying trip in Women’s Designer back in 2004 is especially memorable for a couple of reasons.   Dries Van Noten had a dinner party for 500 guests to celebrate his 50th show and the dinner table was transformed into a runway!  Everyone had a front row seat!  I also remember my first Undercover show at an old theater in La Chapelle section of Paris.  The century old theater had balcony seating that was so steep that I felt like I was going to tumble over looking down onto the stage.  When the show started, I forgot all about my fear of falling and was completely taken by the world that was imagined and created by Jun Takahashi.  His creative vision continues to inspire and challenge the fashion world each season.

During Paris Fashion Week in March, he launched 2 fragrances based on the image of his stuffed toy alien creatures GRACE and her child GRAPIE.  Holygrace, named after the mother doll, is a perfume of “elegance, soap freshness and poison”.  Holygrapie is named after the child doll, and “reflects the smell of babies, kindness and sensuality”.  These fragrances are now available in store at Barneys and Barneys.com  in July.  Come and get your perfume fix for the summer!

Leah Kim, Buyer, Women’s Advanced Designer

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