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Eva Maravelias - ELIKA

Ever wonder what goes on in the day of the life of Barneys New York’s fabulously outlandish employees? It’s something along the lines of part time glamour and full-time fun! For Eva Maravelias, Display Manager for Barneys CO-OP, her artistic creativity is put to work as she conjures up witty ways to display all the lavish loot at Barneys. Plus, music from her band, ELIKA, has been featured in our stores. Check out what Eva loves about her job… and why squirrels don’t fare so well at Barneys.

How it all began

“I first started at Barneys working as a makeup artist in the Foundation at Madison Avenue. I figured I was a really good painter, so what would be the difference between a canvas and a face. After a year of doing makeup, and hiding the fact that I was wearing sneakers behind the counter instead of heels, I decided it would probably make more sense to get into the display department.”

Practice makes perfect

“The first window I ever did was a bridal window where I painted the words “Bridal Atelier Eighth Floor” on the wall in bubblegum pink and brown paint. Simon Doonan came to look at the window at the end of the day and told me the window looked like a lesbian coffee house. I had to agree with him. It got better from then on.”

Perks of her job

“I love everything about my job. There is a tremendous amount of creative freedom and a respect for display in this company. There are many talented and entertaining people, and such gorgeous product to work with. It’s hard to imagine this set of circumstances anywhere else. Actually, I don’t think it exists anywhere else, that’s why Barneys is such a great place to be if you are an artist. It is not, however, a great place to be if you are a squirrel: everyone in display offices have them stuffed and hanging over their desks.”

– Jennifer Jeffery, E-Commerce Copywriter

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