Sunday Riley Juno face oil

Sunday Riley Modern Skincare Juno Transformative Lipid Serum We’re always talking about the latest and greatest products in the cosmetics buying office.

And most recently, everyone is in love with the new Sunday RileyJuno
Transformative Lipid Serum
. . .  especially the Barneys New York Chicago Assistant Store Manager, Lisa Bommarito.  Almost obsessively so.  I decided to corner her on why.

Cindy: Tell me in three words or less why you love Sunday Riley – Juno Transformative Lipid Serum?

Lisa: Six.  It makes my skin look pretty.

Cindy: How do you use it?

Lisa: I press it into my face whenever I need a pick me up-first thing in the morning, in the middle of the day when I am parched and tired, and at night

before bed.  I use it alone and also layer moisturizers over it if needed.  I use it under my exhausted eyes as well.

Cindy: How is it different from other face oils on the market?

Lisa: It sinks in immediately, makes your skin glow, makes the skin on my face feel younger and I can put my makeup on immediately.  I also use it over my make up for a super hydrated look.

Cindy: Do you use it morning and/or night?

Lisa: Both and all day.

Cindy: Can you put it on top of make up?

Lisa: Yes!  I get so many compliments-I like to press it on the top of my cheekbones and on my dry stretched out cheeks!

Cindy: When did you see a difference in your skin?  Right Away?  Or did it take a couple weeks?

Lisa: Immediately.  I let people at the health club borrow it-that is how many compliments I get.  Those ladies get dry from the pool! Once you use it you will never go back………it is the first skincare product I have ever carried in my handbag.  Thank god it has an effective top-no spillage.  And it never feels oily.

Cindy: Good answer!

Cindy Chua – Apothecary Buyer

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