Who is R13???

R13I’m not a denim obsessed kind of girl but I am LOVING R13. The collection’s got a rock ‘n roll vibe and each pair doesn’t feel like just another pair of jeans. The slouchy fit cropped style is my jean of choice this Spring.

We don’t know much about the designer- he/she keeps his identity on the dl.  We sent him/her some questions and posted some of the answers.  There were more:

BNY: Are you left handed?

R13: No. But I wish that I was. Some of my favorite people are lefties. Barrack Obama, Rafael Nadal, Valentino Rossi, Robert Plant to name a few.

BNY: Do you have any Pets?

R13: There are three pets in my family. Their names are Dash, Hunter and Speedy. You have to figure out what animals they are.

BNY: What is a word you use often that we might overhear you saying?

R13: I like A words, like AMAZING! and AWESOME! but I need to find new ones.

BNY: Sneakers, loafers, sandals or …. Other?

R13: 90% boots, 10% miscellaneous.

BNY: Coffee or Tea?

R13: Coffee in the morning, Tea at night.

BNY: Scrambled, hard boiled or Sunny-side-up?

R13: My favorite Sunday breakfast-  Corn beef hash with sunny side up eggs.

BNY: Where might we see you out for a drink – Uptown, Downtown or Brooklyn?

R13: I live in DUMBO Brooklyn, so usually I would grab a drink after work there. Sake is my drink of choice.

BNY: What upcoming movie might we catch you buying tickets to?

R13: I watch most of my movies on iTunes now. I love documentaries. On my list to see are The Pixar Story; Welcome to Macintosh; Annie Leibovitz: a Life Thru a Lens; The Buddha : The Story of Siddhartha.

BNY: What color are your eyes?

R13: I’ve always said Black, but technically they’re very dark brown.

BNY: Why is a hidden designer identity so important for R13?

R13: When I was a child, I was always a good sketcher. I felt proud of my work and wanted to share them with my friends and family, but at the same time their compliments and attention had always made me somewhat uncomfortable… I would instead wish that the attention be focused on what I had done, instead of on me. As an adult, my feelings have remained unchanged.

Tomoko Ogura – Fashion Manager, Women’s CO-OP

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