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What the COOP Girls <3 This Summer

It’s warm out, almost vacation time, the Coop buyers are strategizing their summer purchases. Women’s Co-op RTW, Shoes & Accessories Team Gina Esposito, Sr. Assistant Buyer Accessories (Iosselliani Necklace): “I’m in LOVE with this Iosselliani necklace…an easy way to dress up a t-shirt or tank this summer!” Carrie Chapman, Sr. Buyer Accessories (Swash Scarf): “My […]


While I embark on this new chapter in my life, I am taking the “FREEWAY”….which is why I want to blog about this new sunglass collection available at Barneys New York, called FREEWAY.  Los Angeles inspired artist and writer, Alex Israel, has created an eyewear collection representing Southern California as a landscape—the styles are named […]

Vegetable Summer

For the first time in years I have a garden. I haven’t planted seeds since I was a kid … and then it wasn’t really a choice … just something our parents organized so they could get us out of the house. Now that I’m grown-up planting and weeding are the most wonderful things to […]


This adorable little lamb is one of eight born at Maple Grove Farm this season. His mom’s wool will be made into a special project for us for Fall…legwarmers. This sustainable & organic farm produces their own Merino and Shetland yarn locally under the label WoolWorks. The farm also focuses on ethical animal care, which […]

Journey Through Iman’s Window Display

Simon Doonan takes us on a journey through Iman’s window installations at Barneys. Watch the video NOW!

Summer Festival Style

I’m a total live music junkie, and take huge advantage of the great concert scene in New York, usually hitting at least a couple of shows every month. Last year my friends and I headed to Texas for Austin City Limits, and this year it was Palm Desert, CA for my first trip to Coachella! […]

RAG + BONE wordplay!!

Shop Rag  + Bone Now!

Holy Aliens!!

My very first buying trip in Women’s Designer back in 2004 is especially memorable for a couple of reasons.   Dries Van Noten had a dinner party for 500 guests to celebrate his 50th show and the dinner table was transformed into a runway!  Everyone had a front row seat!  I also remember my first Undercover […]

Get Ready for Summer!

It’s A Living

Ever wonder what goes on in the day of the life of Barneys New York’s fabulously outlandish employees? It’s something along the lines of part time glamour and full-time fun! For Eva Maravelias, Display Manager for Barneys CO-OP, her artistic creativity is put to work as she conjures up witty ways to display all the […]