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Marc Jacobs has been a bit of an idol of mine for as long as I’ve followed fashion, and in many ways is the reason I’m where I am today- it was summer internships dying trims and sending out samples in his NYC studio that solidified my decision to pursue a career in fashion. Last week I had the opportunity to go hear Marc speak at the French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) as part of their very cool “Fashion Talks” series. I loved hearing Marc discuss his career path, and could totally feel the passion he has for the work he does. I left feeling freshly inspired, and smiling about one fun fact: apparently one day when Marc was feeling frustrated in the studio, he sent his assistant off to Barneys to pick up a funny pair of pants to cheer him up. His assistant returned from our Madison Avenue store with a Comme de Garçons kilt, which has become Marc’s quirky daily uniform ever since!

– Lauren Painter, Associate Buyer, Womens Accessories

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  1. elaney
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    yay for summer of ’04 in nyc!

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