Spring Bridge

Spring on the Brooklyn Bridge
After one seriously grueling winter, the following took place all within the span of a week:

  1. the time changed – lost an hour (which actually helped immensely with jet lag recovery), but the days became immediately and noticeably longer.
  2. Duro Olowu trunk show and personal appearance at Madison – total color explosion.
  3. On the way home Thursday I suddenly thought how insane it was to be underground, got out of the subway and walked the rest of the way home on the Brooklyn Bridge.
  4. I did so while wearing my lovely new Balenciaga sandals. Side note: I bought them back in early February while dreaming of spring and had them waiting patiently in my office.
  5. I acquired multiple scrapes and minor puncture wounds while pruning bushes in the garden.

I can tell by the other goofy grins around the office that I am not the only one “suffering” from spring fever…
– Molly Nutter Naylon, VP/DMM Women’s Designer Sportswear, BNY Collection, Lingerie

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