New York Warehouse Sale

Greetings from what looks to be the North Pole (aka New York)! *I believe me and my fellow New Yorkers are caught in what feels like a snow blizzard today. It is by far one of the gloomiest and snowiest days we’ve had here in awhile. But alas, there was one beam of sunlight today that came in the form of an email… Subject: “NY Warehouse Preview Images”!!

With each click, beautiful images suddenly pop up onto my screen: an Isabel Toledo red dress, Lanvin sandals, DVF printed top, Bamford leather jacket, and the list goes on…. So tomorrow, Feb. 11th, snow or no snow, with my Barneys credit card in hand, I will one of the first in line, ready to throw myself into the fashion shopping hysteria that is famously known as *cue dramatic music*…..the Barneys Warehouse Sale.

Xo Lillian Yim, Ecommerce Merch Manager

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