Lady Gaga All Access
OMG. I JUST left Lady Gaga‘s last NYC performance at Radio City and let’s just say I am now at home, blogging for you beautiful people and ALMOST totally sober!

SRSLY, what a great show! Super-well designed, choreographed and just all-around fun. The sound system at Radio City is phenomenal and even though I was a little apprehensive as it was my first rock concert in a venue with seats bolted to the floor, it was an awesome experience.
What you may or may not know, however, is that the opening band’s lead singer (and one of my first-ever friends from NYC when I moved here 10 years ago), Semi-Precious-WeaponsJustin Tranter, is also the brilliant designer behind the Fetty line of jewels that we proudly carry in the CO-OP. I took a picture of my girlfriend wearing a very old, very original piece of his jewelry while at the show (see above, duh.) While the same style chain has since been phased out, the guns and hearts and precious metals are still readily available. People wouldn’t stop harassing her about her necklace!

Semi-Precious-Weapons is opening for the entire rest of Gaga’s world tour. If you haven’t seen them perform, see it. If you haven’t listened to their music, listen. If you don’t own a necklace… well that’s just foolish and can be remedied immediately. PEACE, OUTSIDE!
– Jordan “will probably never be allowed to post again” Holberg, E-Commerce Manager

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