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Passion for Fashion

This Valentine’s Day...

Monkey-ing Around

This is Yodit Eklund, designer of swimwear collection Bantu. I was catching up with her through emails when she sent me this picture. Definitely made me smile in midst of the Monday craze. She is in Cameroon at the moment monitoring the Bantu production. According to Yodit these chimpanzees have all been orphaned by poachers! […]


OMG. I JUST left Lady Gaga‘s last NYC performance at Radio City and let’s just say I am now at home, blogging for you beautiful people and ALMOST totally sober! SRSLY, what a great show! Super-well designed, choreographed and just all-around fun. The sound system at Radio City is phenomenal and even though I was […]

Mr. DeVohn Walker

I was at the store yesterday with Julie Gilhart and Livia Firth. We had just wrapped up shooting Livia’s interview of Julie regarding ethical fashion for and how/if it can be related to the red carpet awards season. We were just about to part our ways when we spotted one immaculately dressed DeVohn Walker. […]


I recently got engaged and am totally obsessed with my Sharon Khazzam diamond ring. My fiancé, being the non-barneys guy’s guy that he is, was pretty intimidated by having to choose jewelry for me, the fine jewelry buyer. Luckily for him, I’ve been coveting Sharon’s crazy one-off collection of rings for a few years now, […]

Fred’s comes to Barneys at Scottsdale Fashion Square

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Jen I am a cosmetics pragmatist. From my morning commute, through some long days at work and then out to dinner with friends, I’m used to a mascara that lasts. So I hardly stray away from my trusted wand. Then Kiehl’s new Marvelous Mascara started to do very well. I was hesitant to try it. […]

Glinda Would Be Jealous

If Dorothy was looking somewhere over the rainbow in this day and age, I think she’d trade in her ruby reds for these…– Jennifer Jeffery, E-Commerce Copywriter

Denim in my Genes!

When I was little, I used to cry every time my mom made me wear jeans; to be honest; I was more of a velvet dress and black patent leather Mary-Jane type of kid. However, she insisted that if I wanted to be cool, ripped Levi’s were about as good as it gets. I took […]