I <3 Martin Grant!

Martin Grant
I love Martin Grant. No really. It’s true. We’re supposed to refrain from using the word “love” too often in this blog, but what am I supposed to do? How about, I adore him? That works too. While in the store today perusing his new spring delivery, I realized that seeing his collection is like hearing your favorite song – you know the melody and all the words, but somehow it always feels new and you sing as loud as you can. How does he do it? It has been many years now since we’ve been buying his collection and more often than not I am wearing something he has designed – he made my wedding dress, for God’s sake. Obsessed? That’s a little extreme. Infatuated? Totally guilty. – Molly Nutter, BNY Private Label, Designer Collections, Lingerie


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    Your not the only one who LOVES Martin Grant’s designs!

    This is a really good pic of him:


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    I want some spring delivery! haha


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    I love Martin Grant too!

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