3 oz, will travel. . .

Beauty Must Haves!!

I just booked a trip over New Year’s to the Caribbean. Since I always carry-on, packing can be a challenge. I have three beauty essentials that breeze through airport security.

I’m obsessed with Shiseido Sun Protection Cream in SPF 55. It has a smooth non greasy application and quickly absorbs into the skin. And at 2 oz, it means it won’t get confiscated.

Nars Multiple in Orgasm. It provides the perfect wash of color to my lips, cheeks and eyes. I dab it on when we’re landing to banish any signs of jetlag.

Serge Lutens Make-up Remover Pads. It’s a super convenient pad, no spillage. It takes off all of my make-up including waterproof mascara and my face feels soothed and moisturized.

Can’t wait for winter vacation! See you on the other side of security. Bon voyage!
Sarah Morier, Assistant Buyer, Cosmetics

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  1. Jamie
    Posted 12.15.09 at 10:53 am | Permalink | Reply

    I’ve only ever tried Orgasm powder blush, which I love! Can’t wait to test out the multiple in the same color! Thanks Sarah!

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